maandag 14 januari 2013


Blogging hasn't really been on the top of my list lately...
I'll try to post more stuff in the future. I promiss :) (you can blame Instagram, it's my new addiction if you want to follow, my name is: Ann_81)
I've made a cupcozy, a small crochet project. It's really easy.

I started a chain that almost fits the cup (measure your chain on the cup you're making the cozy for and release 2, because the yarn strechtes, it will fit perfect). Then make a circle with a slipstitch. Chain 2 and make a row with single crochets and slipstitch together. Repeat this till you're satisfied with the hight. Don't forget to try it on the cup after your first row, then you'll know for sure if it fits.

After that you can make the tealabel. I chained 10, turned, skipped 2 chains and make rows. I think about 8 or 9. Then I made the text on it and sewed it on the cozy.

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