zondag 9 september 2012

My best friends wedding: part IV

And the last part...

The flowers and the rings.

There was a great party at the beach at night. Nancy, Frank and I agreed that is was time to party for me too. So I've put camera away and partied like it was my best friends wedding :)

Looking back on this day:

First of all it brings a big smile on my face! It was the best day!

Second: I was sooooo nervous, and usually that blocks me. It did in the beginning, but then I saw some pictures on my screen an I thought: I NEED to make better pictures!! And this is the only day you can do that! So I did a checklist in my head: What kind of light is this and how do you set up your camera for that? What kind of filter do you put on your camera? Because I was so busy with this I 'forgot' that I was nervous and then suddenly I was having fun!

I'm very pleased with the result and so are newly weds.

But, of course, there still is a lot to learn :)

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