maandag 9 juli 2012

My best friends wedding: part I

As you might know, it was 'My best friends wedding' on the 20th of april 2012.

I made their invitations <see here> and they also asked if I wanted to make the weddingpictures. 'No!' was my first response, 'You should hire a professional'. But, to make a long story short, I finally said yes.

I was very nervous, so I thought: The only thing I can influence is PREPARATIONS. So I took a course how to use an extern flashlight. (I've already done a few other courses in the past)

Made a list of all the moments that would be important on their weddingday and looked at a lot of photo's on the internet. And of course made a lot of pictures. I also went to the church they were getting married, to see the light.

The week in advance, I had a horrible stomach ache, couldn't sleep, couldn't think of anything but 'The Day'. There was some serious nerve-racking going on.

Then the day was there! And.... it went well. The weather was very grey, that was a pity. And at the last moment there was a change in location. I also went location-hunting in advance, but we never went there :(

But... I like the result. And more important: the weddingcouple loved the photo's!

So, after some doubt (I wasn't sure if I would show these on my blog) here is part I of my best friends wedding:

PS There will be more parts. This was the first part of the day.

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