vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Get your own Homemade Strawberry Jam label

When we re-designed our garden a few years ago, I had the plan to make a ‘picking-wall’. On one side of our garden we have  a very long wooden fence, I wanted to cheer it up with climbing plants. So onto the fence , John made ‘screens’ where the plants could climb up onto. I chose some plants with pretty flowers, but also a few with berries. We have strawberries, blackberries,  gooseberries and wineberries - > my favourites! And not only because they have the word wine in them ;-)
When they are ripe (Huub keeps picking them when they’re green though), we always eat them right away. But I always have the dream to make my own jam; for the delicious jam, but mainly because then I can make cute labels for the jars.
Bottomline, I don’t see me making jam in the near future, but I did make  the cute labels… Maybe one of you is making their own jam. So if you leave a comment with your e-mailadress (or send me a private mail, if you don’t want to share your e-mail adress), I’ll send a PDF to you, so you can print your own strawberry jam labels.

What kind of jam do you like to make? Maybe I’ll make a label for that in the future J

3 opmerkingen:

Ester Durães zei

these are super cute! I drew some recently because I have too much fun with labels as well! thanks for sharing :)

Annelies Castricum zei

hello Esther, I just checked out your blog. Your drawing is amazing! Love your blog as well :-)

Annelies Castricum zei

PS and thnx for the compliment :-)

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